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In the comments section on this post, Jen mentioned that her sister-in-law uses magazine pages when she scrapbooks. I do that too! The picture above is some of the pages I saved from a recent magazine. I use ads featuring carpets, fabrics, or wallpaper as full out page backgrounds, and I use pictures like the color-coordinating stacks of wrapped presents in the papers on the right hand side of the photo above to make “frames” for pictures on a scrapbook page. I also cut out items like the painting of a ballerina to use as filler. I plan to use the ballerina on a page featuring pictures of Hannah in her tutu doing her “ballet” dancing.

Because someday soon I’m going to print out all of my pictures from 2007 and make Hannah’s 2007 scrapbook. And I’m also going to make Jack his first year scrapbook. And that is why I have an entire desk drawer devoted to bits of things I’ve saved to use in those scrapbooks, and why I save all the emails I get with incentives to print out my 687 bajillion photos from CVS or Snapfish or York Photo.


No really, I’m going to do it, I am serious.

I tried to take a picture of Hannah’s first year scrapbook so you could see how I use magazine cut outs instead of regular (and pricey) scrapbooking materials. But when I tried to get the scrapbook down from the top of the cabinet where it was perched, I set off a chain reaction whereby the bookends slid off both sides of the cabinet top, books and papers and notebooks came crashing down on the left, and the very nice old globe Josh’s mom gave me toppled off the right side, bounced on the ledge where our stairwell is two stories high, and plunged down the stairs to the first floor. As it descended, I heard a cross between a “kerthump” and a “crazzash,” which I took to mean that the globe came to rest somewhere between the double stroller and the piano. I was relieved not to hear the tinkle of broken glass which would have alerted me that the globe broke the fireplace doors. Since I didn’t hear the glass, I didn’t go downstairs to retrieve the globe. And after all that, when I tried to take a picture of the scrapbook page, the glare from the plastic made the pictures look funny. You know, the kind of pictures people point to and say, “SEEE??? There ARE fairies!!!” or “Yeah, that’s the UFO in the upper left hand corner.” I decided to spare you.

Too bad this is not Wednesday, because this post might have made a good WFMW tip. I never have good ideas on Wednesdays. I wonder why that is?

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