The Plunge

OK, so I signed up for Facebook and now am totally addicted! I need to figure out how to do some things and move some things around, but my page is pretty much there. So you can search for me and make me your virtual friend. Aw shucks.

It’s interesting to see how the whole “friend” process works. I haven’t gotten around to searching for everyone I know yet, but I have tried searching for a few people. For example, I looked up my best friend from kindergarten. I found someone with her name, but that person was SUPER SKETCHY looking and there was no indication that the person was from New Hampshire or attended Sunshine and Buttercups preschool (I mean, WHY would that tidbit not be on her profile? ha ha) so who knows if that is the same person. I also looked up my best friends from early elementary school when I lived in Illinois, but couldn’t figure out if the people with their names were really them either.

I have had fun seeing which networks people are in. My favorite is the one Amy Lauger had, “Foxy Ladies Into Reformed Theology.” I checked with Amy and she vouched for my foxiness and reformed-ness so now I’m in that group too. 🙂

Thanks to everyone who left their opinion, especially my little brother who de-lurked to expound at length on how My Space is populated by “skeezy dudes” and “strippers.”

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