A Ballerina Birthday, With Beets!

Since Hannah felt better today we had her belated birthday. I was SO inspired by the “Deceptively Delicious” book I read a few weeks ago that I decided to but beets in Hannah’s birthday cake.


No really, I did. I have a fabulous recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake, and instead of zucchini, I put in pureed beets. The result was a GREAT cake that was just moist and dense enough, while still having a light texture. Even Josh, with his bloodhound-like ability to zero in on any and all healthy ingredients, could not discern the beets in this cake. Score one for the mama. I frosted it with homemade frosting (much tastier than store bought, and holds up better) and decorated it with a pink ballerina.
In keeping with the ballerina theme, I made Hannah a pink tutu and we gave her some pink tights and a pair of pink leather ballet shoes (I actually found the ballet shoes NEW at a garage sale this summer for $1!). At the CVS after-Christmas sale they had stocking stuffers 75-90% off. I found a hippo shower puff thing that looked like it would be useless as a shower puff, but excellent as a hippo doll wearing a tutu, so I thought that would go nicely with the present. We also got her some finger paints, sidewalk chalk, safety scissors, and glue sticks, all from CVS with my ECB overage.

The Birthday Girl
Eating “chock-yit” to her heart’s content!

More birthday recap and pictures here on the kids’ blog.

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