Too Easy

Sunday night when we were putting Hannah to bed, I noticed she had bitten a chunk out of her pacifier. Josh went down to get the backup pacifier from the diaper bag, but oops, she had bitten a chunk out of that one too (how did we not notice that sooner???). We decided to take our chances and see what would happen if we put her to bed without the pacifier. As we shut the door, I heard Hannah’s voice pipe up,

“HEY!!!!! WHERE MY PAH-FAHR IS?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Excuse the grammar, we’re working on it.

But that was the last of it. Hannah had been using the pacifier at night and for naps only, so it’s not like it was a big life change, but I’m frankly a little surprised that there has been no protest. It’s like pacifiers never happened. Even though Jack sits around with his pacifiers, Hannah hasn’t tried to take them, and hasn’t brought the subject up at all.

I feel like that was too easy. I am glad I don’t believe in karmic balance, or I’d be nervous that some huge parenting challenge is right around the corner to make up for this!

Unrelated Update: At Jack’s 6 month appointment on Monday, we found out he only weighs 20 pounds 3 ounces, not 22 pounds as I guessed. He’s fallen down into the 87th percentile in weight, but is still in the 90s for head circumference.

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