I’m A Poet And Y’all Didn’t Know It

Rocks in My Dryer has a contest going on today. To win a nifty new stereo system for your iPod, just leave a haiku in her comment section. Well, leave a haiku and hope it’s better than all the rest, even the one about the sneaux day, and the one about putting vodka on your snowcone.

Haiku is not my forte, but this was my submission:

This mom loves winter.
Snow drifts on the driveway mean
Big muscles for Hubs.

Heh heh.

I think limericks are much more fun than haiku. Below are two I just came up with, after thinking about the big storm we are supposed to be getting this weekend.

For moms and dads it seems a chore:
“Snowstorm’s here, Katie bar the door!”
But shovels and duties,
Don’t phase little Pooties,
Send that kiddo outside a bit more!

We fear icy roads on the Sabbath.
No really! Here, you do the math:
Our little sedan
Can’t match the elan
Of a semitruck out on the warpath!

(Explanation about that last one: two years ago on our way to church we got in a horrific car crash on I-70 where the road was iced up. We hit the median wall, then bounced off and hit a semi truck head on, then bounced off that and hit the wall again. Then two other cars came up and hit us from behind, and another semi hit the first semi. Well, we lived and everything, but that is why we’re a one car family now and we still get nervous to drive to church when the weather is bad!)

Anyway, be sure to enter the contest, or, if your wintery poetic stylings do not conform to haiku, feel free to leave other offerings in MY comment section!

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