Gingerbread Architecture

Now that all the couples from our Couples Group except for us have gone to the Westside church plant, we especially enjoy chances to get together with them. This year the Falks and Sawyers again outdid themselves planning a fabulous Christmas party complete with a gift exchange, delicious food, cute tiny new babies to look at, and a gingerbread house making contest.

Alaina bravely set up a bunch of card tables in her living room, covered them with plastic cloths, and gave each couple a round piece of cardboard and a bag of icing, with 30 minutes to raid the candy table and come up with a gingerbread house design. Above you can see our whimsical creation. If we had been given more time, we would have added some flying buttresses.

I was impressed with what other people came up with. Michael and Heather, who won the contest, had shutters on their house with little heart details. Tom and Rebecca‘s house had a front porch and Necco wafer shingles. Kevin and Amy made a flat roofed house, although maybe not on purpose! The other houses also had impressive details and everyone had a great time!

For more pictures of the houses and more thorough notes on what transpired, check out Heather’s post here.

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