And This Time I Mean It

Menu planning is really helping me. Josh even checks the blog to find out what to expect for dinner. That sort of backfires on him when he gets all psyched for something and I have a last minute change of plans…like how I’ve been saying we’d have those Jamaican Meat Pockets for the past three weeks and still haven’t gotten around to making them…or like how last week we never had pizza…

Quick review: The Beef Daube Provencal from a few weeks ago was really good. I chopped the meat up to small pieces to make it look like the picture from the magazine, rather than leaving it in big chunks. It was a good effect. Alicia’s Cranberry Roast was so amazing, Josh practically fell out of his chair. I think the reason we liked them so much was that I made them in my dutch oven – a crock pot approach would probably not be nearly as good.

Sweet Potato Lentil Stew (thanks Alaina!), sauteed spinach

Jamaican Beef Pockets (and this time I mean it!), steamed broccoli

Vegetable chili (leftover from last week, but will be amended to add some meat at Josh’s request)

Pizza, salad

leftover curry or pockets, broccoli

Beef Stroganoff (don’t have the recipe handy, sorry), green beans

Pantry Pad Thai (another Alaina original!), salad

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