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Tomorrow Josh and I are going to a cocktail party. It may be my only dress-up occasion for the next year (this is the midwest, after all) so I don’t want to waste the opportunity. Thankfully, I fit into all my clothes, so I’m only choosing based on appropriateness. The event is a holiday cocktail party for the Indiana Leadership Forum – it starts at 7pm, the ILF is a Republican group, and this is Indiana, if that helps shed light on what I should wear…Josh said at the ILF meeting they told the girls to wear little black dresses, but then again at the last Republican Christmas party I went to in Indianapolis there were a lot of beaded dresses and spangly things and fur coats. Ideally I would have taken a picture of myself actually wearing each of these dresses, but Josh is at a meeting and Hannah is not yet skilled in the photographic arts, so you’ll have to use your imagination. Leave your votes and thoughts in the comments section.

This is the default little black dress. I could wear a red pashmina with this to make it look more Christmas-y. I would wear pearl jewelry, since I don’t have any diamonds. I know you’re shocked.
Another option would be this raspberry colored long a-line silk skirt, with a black boatneck top (the top kind of dresses it down). The raspberry skirt would be festive, and I wouldn’t look like everyone else, but because the skirt is long, maybe this is too dressy, even with the dressed-down top?
I love this BCBG dress. It’s very stretchy (I actually wore it two weeks before Hannah was born – it’s that stretchy!), and the top layer is embroidered with beads, but in a light way, not in an encrusted way. I think I may be getting too old to pull this dress off. But as Alaina says, we’re still young. Maybe this is my last chance to wear this, because next December I will turn 30. Gasp.

Option four is this plum colored Tocca dress. It’s short, and the neckline may be a little too plunging for the sort of diaphenous nature of my nursing figure. I may wear this to Karl’s wedding this month since they are getting married in the afternoon and I think of this dress as more of an afternoon wedding outfit than a cocktail dress, but I threw it in the poll anyway. It has embroidery the same color as the dress.

So what do you think? You have until tomorrow afternoon to submit your votes!

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