Where’s The Beef?

For my birthday this year, my parents are giving me 1/8th of a grass fed, organic, pastured cow! I know, I’m weird, but that is what I really wanted. As you know if you have been reading my blog for long, I’ve been on a quest to get to a more natural, healthy eating regimen. In my research, I kept coming across mentions of how diet (specifically chemicals and practices used in conventional farming) impacts a variety of health problems, including those we have in our family. My little brother has Crohn’s Disease, two of my aunts have breast cancer, Josh has Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis, and Alzheimer’s Disease is on both sides of the family. While I have read and agree with general arguments for organic/grass fed foods, I personally am driven most by a desire to protect my children’s health as much as possible since we have these genetic proclivities.

Complicating matters is our current lean budget due to our business being in a slow phase. It’s truly difficult to eat organic food on a small budget, but it can be done. I’m committed to it, so I make it work.

Last summer I got grass fed organic beef, pork, and chicken enough to last us through the year. You really can save buying in bulk when it comes to organic meat. This year, we didn’t have the funds to invest in a year’s worth, so I was really excited when my parents decided to give us beef for my birthday!

Thanks to help from Diane G., I found a farmer northwest of town who had a quarter left. A quarter of beef is about 90-120 pounds. Thankfully, Alaina is going to take part of it too! This Saturday we’re going to pick up the meat. It will be cut into just about every cut you can think of – roasts, steaks, stew beef, ground beef, and so forth. If you buy them by the cut, some of the cuts run upwards of $20 a pound! Buying by the quarter, we’re getting all of it for a per pound price less than what I’ve been paying for ground beef alone!

I’m REALLY looking forward to having a freezer full of meat again! We will still do some meatless meals, and hopefully I’ll get some poultry too, but beef is good. There will be no anemia at our house this winter!!!

Josh liked this quote from Life in a Shoe:

“Red meat is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

Note: I got the cow picture here. I was doing a Google image search for “cow” and “birthday.” I’m always amazed and what comes up with Google searches!

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