What We Might Eat

Last week I stuck fairly closely to my menu plan, except that I didn’t roast a chicken, nor did I make the Chicken Sate or an apple pie. We wound up with lots of leftover things and I got a few surprise good deals at the store.

Anyway, here is what I think I will cook for this week:

Leftover pumpkin soup, breadsticks (see below), green beans (all organic)

Baked potatoes topped with sauteed onion, tomato, and bell peppers, steamed broccoli (all organic ingredients)

Homemade pizza topped with organic white cheddar, bell peppers (green, yellow, and red), and maybe other things, arugula salad (also all organic)

Leftover spaghetti, breadsticks, arugula salad (all organic except the pasta)

Frittata with onion, cheese, tomatoes, and arugula (all organic), carrot sticks

Taco bake – basically this is just taco meat, cheese, tomato, onion, peppers, etc mixed with some fun shaped twisty noodles and baked.

Roast with potatoes, onion, carrots, etc

As a note, I am trying to use organic things wherever possible for a variety of health concerns in our family, hence the notes. This is mostly for my remembrance anyway!

Breadsticks can be very simply made using the quick easy pizza crust recipe, but instead of spreading the dough on a pizza sheet, divide it into 12 pieces and roll out into breadstick shape, place on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 450 for 8 minutes or until golden. Then run a stick of butter along the tops and sprinkle with garlic salt. YUM.

Frittata is basically just a baked omelet, and we’ll have to have this after Hannah goes to bed, because as far as I know she’s still allergic to eggs. She will have to eat leftovers or maybe it will be one of those days when she refuses to eat lunch. You know how it is with toddlers!

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