What’s In YOUR Wallet?

I haven’t been posting on politics lately. This is not because I don’t care – it’s just because I’m unimpressed by the current crop of presidential candidates.

This article takes a lighter approach to the slate, by applying the wallet test. Evidently the author actually did peruse the contents of Mike Huckabee’s wallet, and concluded that Huckabee is a regular guy. Following that revelation, the author speculates about the wallets of other candidates.

The whole article is funny, but the part about John Edwards is particularly hilarious:

Ask John Edwards what’s in his wallet and I suspect he’ll answer, “You know, my daddy worked in a mill, and his wallet was made of cast-off cotton lint and elbow macaroni.”

Me: “But what’s in your wallet now?

Edwards: “Vidal Sassoon’s cell number and $106,000 in cash.”

You can read the whole article here.

The only unusual thing in my wallet (assuming you don’t think a bunch of CVS extra bucks are weird) is a very tiny lipstick. I got two tubes of inch long lipstick samples in a free gift with a makeup purchase once, and I carry one in my wallet in case of emergencies.

And yes, I do think being caught without lipstick is an emergency. Of sorts.

Do you carry anything unusual or particularly self-descriptive in your wallet?

HT: World Magazine Blog for the article link, and Coach.com for the picture of the wallet.

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