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It gets more and more difficult for me to seriously exercise with the kiddos. Walks are ok, but I like a good hard aerobic workout too, and Hannah wants to be up on the step with me, wants to try to lift the weights, and generally gets underfoot. Or she has to go to the bathroom 16 times in 45 minutes. Anyway, it’s a challenge.

For a change, I have been working out at night on Tuesdays while I watch the Biggest Loser. I started by accident. One Tuesday when Josh was out on a campaign meeting, I decided to watch the show and I was immediately compelled to start exercising because I was so inspired by the people on the show! I got out my step and everything. Voila, a two hour workout.

Watching incredibly dedicated people work out for several hours a day is quite motivational for me. First, I don’t want to wind up with the serious health problems they endure. Second, I’m SO impressed that they are trying to change their habits and get healthy. Third, they lose INSANE amounts of weight every week! Fourth, the background music for the show is up tempo and easy to move to.

After two years of doing The Firm workouts several times a week, I have the routines memorized, so I just do those while watching the show. You could just walk in place, or do a random step routine. I also do some hand weights, my killer 7-Minute-Abs routine, and stretch. Then I take a quick shower and go to bed.

Finding new and different ways to work in fitness works for me! For more Works For Me Wednesday tips check out Rocks In My Dryer.

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