Super Savings Saturday

I generally hate doing errands on Saturdays, but we were out of a few key things so I went today, during the kids’ “nap time.” I leave nap time in quotes, because as Josh would be the first to tell you, apparently neither kid slept, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Anyway, first I went to CVS, and got the eye drops, four soy joy bars, and a bottle of bleach. I spent eighteen cents plus coupons and 8 ECBs and got $8.99 in ECBs back.

Then I went to the library and next was Costco. I ate lots of yummy samples at Costco, including organic dark chocolate. I got 1.5 lb organic cheese, 5 lb bananas, a box of organic canned tomatoes, and a huge block of bulk yeast (2 lb for $3!), for a total of $19.92.

Next stop was Meijer. I got 2 loaves of organic whole wheat bread on sale, a box of organic baby arugula on sale, a tin of organic coffee (same price as regular, weird huh?), and 2 boxes of tea on sale. I used several catalinas that printed out my last trip to Meijer for Meijer brand organics, so total out of pocket was only $8.08.

REGRETTABLE NOTE: I had read somewhere that Meijer would price match from competitor ads. Turns out that only applies to “general merchandise” and NOT to groceries. Sheesh. Oh well, it was worth asking.

Since Meijer wouldn’t price match groceries, I had to run in Kroger to get two boxes of butter on sale 2 for $3. I rarely find butter for less than $2 per box, so I figured it was worth it.

Finally I went to the farm to get our gallon of milk and 1 dozen eggs. We pay a monthly fee to “board” our share of a cow, so I don’t count milk in my regular weekly budget, it’s another line item in the budget. Anyway, I spent $3 for the eggs.

Total spent for this week’s groceries: $34.28

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