Seven Minute Abs

A commenter asked about my seven minute ab routine. Please note that I did not create this workout, I don’t actually know who made it up, so I can’t give proper attribution, I’m sorry.

CAVEAT: if you are pregnant you aren’t supposed to be doing this after your first trimester, and if you are postpartum, make sure you don’t have a diastasis first. If you do have a diastasis, there are good exercises in Lose Your Mummy Tummy by Julie Tupler that can help you fix it. Otherwise you’ll just make it worse.

1) Do one minute of regular crunches (hands behind the head, feet on the floor)

2) Do one minute of scissor kicks (lie flat, lift legs to 45 degree angle, and then, keeping legs straight, move them in and out as if they were scissors)

3) Do one minute of crunches with your left foot propped up on your right knee, twisting your torso left toward your bent left leg

4) Do one minute of bicycle legs (lie flat, lift your legs to a 45 degree angle, then “pedal” as if riding a bike)

5) Do one minute of crunches with your right foot propped up on your left knee, twisting your torso right toward your bent left leg

6) Do one minute of double leg raises (life flat, keeping both legs straight, lift them together up to a 45 degree angle, then lower them in a controlled way, don’t touch the floor, lift again, lower again, and so forth)

7) Do one minute of bent leg crunches (lie flat, pull your legs up and bend at the knee to form a 90 degree angle as if your legs were resting on a box, then do crunches)

If you don’t have an accurate way to time this, I also sometimes just do 100 of each. Except for number 6, where I can only do 50ish.

Note: The book link above is an affiliate link.

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