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It’s PTTTP week for the Gillespies. Sweet potatoes are on sale everywhere, and we have regular potatoes with beady little eyes peering at me every time I open the pantry, so we’ll be well-starched around here.

Baked potatoes with homemade chili, salad

Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Kale Soup (made with the organic chicken sausage from Costco, love that stuff!), cheese toast (a note for this recipe: I pureed the beans prior to adding them, because my husband doesn’t care for beans when they are chunky. Pureeing them thickens the soup without giving a “beany” feel)

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:
We will be in Nashville at Josh’s brother’s house celebrating Thanksgiving with the family. I have no idea what we’ll eat, but I figure a turkey will be prominently featured.

If you are a burglar, please note that we are leaving our dog here and someone will be coming to feed and walk her and everything, so please do not plan to burgle us, as you may be viciously mauled by the dog, the person who is coming to feed/walk the dog, or both. Also be forewarned that our neighbors are the type to keep firearms on the premises, and they are also the type that wouldn’t be afraid to pop a cap in your keester if you are perpetrating acts of theft and vandalism. I’m just saying.

Leftover soup

Homemade pizza with organic white cheddar cheese and who knows what else! Last week I made Crystal’s pizza crust recipe using fresh ground white wheat from the Apple Family Farm, and I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil, and added oregano to the dough. It came out pretty well, much more filling than when I’ve made it using white flour. It was an interesting experiment. We’ll probably also have salad.

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