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This marks my 500th blog post, and what better way to celebrate that milestone than to alert you to a new blog I just set up?

Last year I posted about a tradition I loved growing up that we want to do with our children – having our Family Worship for December trace God’s plan through Scripture leading up to the birth of Christ. Each night we add an ornament that symbolizes a different concept or person from Scripture, and it helps greatly to keep our focus on Christ during the Christmas season.

This year I wanted to be more prepared, and have a better flow to the plan (something that we talked about last year but never got around to fixing). I also wanted to link in sections from our children’s Bibles so that we could read to Hannah and Jack from their story Bibles AND from the actual Bible.

Our Jesse Tree blog has posts for each day of December up to Christmas, with pictures of the ornaments we use, and ideas for family devotions.

If you have done a Jesse Tree, or even if you haven’t, I’d love for you to pop over and leave me some comments with your ideas and thoughts. I want to continue to flesh out each section, if only so we have a solid resource and don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel each year.

Thanks for bearing with me for 500 posts, dear readers!

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