Lessons In Manners And Deportment

You may recall just over a year ago when Hannah had her first tea party. Today, we had another tea party, which was a fun way to teach Hannah about manners and how we treat breakable things and so forth. I originally posted it to the kids’ blog, but couldn’t resist putting it up here too.
While Jack napped, Hannah and I had a tea party, just for ladies. Hannah qualified that by saying we are “pretty ladies” to which I agreed. We used everyday china, so Hannah can learn how to treat breakable things, but so that I wouldn’t be nervous. 🙂 We had lemon tea in a real teapot, and four dark chocolate M&Ms in different colors. We don’t give Hannah very many sweets, but she is crazy about “chock-yit” and went into raptures over each piece.
We talked about how when ladies have tea, they use inside voices and have polite conversation (or “havin’ pie-SAY-shin” as Hannah said). We laughed politely and had a nice talk about geese and the piano and cousins, and how Jack is not a lady, but is in fact a gentleman, like Daddy.
Hannah tried her tea, which had two ice cubes in it so it wouldn’t burn her. We talked about being careful not to spill.Hannah enjoyed drinking tea, and using a real cup. She did a very nice job of staying clean and not spilling.
The tea was declared to be “yummy good!”
Hannah learned that cups go on saucers, and she thought it was neat that there is a little indentation in the saucer where the cup fits perfectly. Notice the blue lips from having eaten her last M&M!
“Where does your napkin go, Hannah?”“In my YAP!”

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