I <3 CVS *updated with specifics*

I told my mom I was NOT going to blog on my CVS windfall this week. But I can’t resist.

I started the week on Monday with $22 in extra care bucks (ECBs) left over from last week.

From the regular weekly deals, plus the Black Friday deals, using A LOT of coupons and rolling my ECBs a few times, I came home with:

$240 worth of merchandise, including toilet paper, deoderants, lotions, detergent, candy, and many other things, and $38 in ECBs to spend later. My out of pocket “real money” costs were under $3 total, and I’m going to submit two rebates that should cover those costs, plus the stamps to mail them, plus $2.50.

Not bad, huh?

So I’m thankful for CVS, and for Crystal’s excellent CVS 101 tutorial, and the weekly updates on the Money Saving Mom website without which I would never have discovered the fabulous fun and savings to be had!

I tried to reconstruct what I did with the coupons and ECBs, but got really confused because I did so many transactions. Suffice it to say, I got the following items:

One (Monday)
Two Robitussin cough syrups
One Tylenol

Two (Monday)
One Crest toothpaste
One Tylenol

Three (Monday)
One Ameal BP vitamin (as far as I can tell from the ingredient list, this is just powdered milk in a capsule, but hey, it was free and boosted my ECBs because of the $5/$30 coupons)
One CVS baby wash
One CVS ultra double roll toilet paper four pack
One CVS free and clear laundry detergent liquid 100 ounce

Four (Friday)
One Ameal BP vitamin
One Softsoap cashmere body wash (I read in a magazine you can use body wash as shaving cream and it actually does work – smells too girly for guys but works for me!)
One Bic Soleil razor with two extra blades

Five (Friday)
One Ameal BP vitamin
One wheat bread (we were out and just got back from traveling, didn’t have time to bake)
Two bags Christmas M&Ms
One two liter Coke
One two liter Sprite Zero
One Excedrin

Six (Friday)
Two two liter Fresca
One Advil PM
One Hershey Extra Dark assorted chocolates
Three Colgate toothpastes
One Enviga peach flavored drink (ohmygoodness SO TOTALLY GNARSTY!)
One Maybelline concealer
One Maybelline mascara
One St. Ives lotion
One St. Ives body wash
One St. Ives facial scrub
One Venus divine razor with two extra blades
One four pack of Gillette Fusion razor blades

Seven (Saturday)
Three boxes CVS brand gallon plastic ziploc type bags, 20 ct.
One box CVS q-tips
One CVS ultra double toilet paper, 4 pack
One Johnson and Johnson lotion
One Keri Advanced lotion
Two Speedstick 24/7 deoderants

So, are we going to use all this stuff? Probably. What’s great is that I got so much that normally really eats into our grocery budget like razor blades, detergent, TP, etc. The only thing we probably won’t use is the Ameal BP. Look for it in your Christmas stockings, dear family members. Ha ha. No, really.

Remember that Money Saving Mom has tons of printable coupons and CVS coupons linked every week. Those, combined with the manufacturer’s coupons I cut out of the paper, are what really make this work.

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