Find Thomas! Win Imaginary Prizes!

Since Lost doesn’t come on again until January, you’re probably fixin’ to be bored on Wednesday night.

And what would you do if you WERE bored? I suppose you’d buy a jar of calves foot jelly! I hope you’ve seen The Great Muppet Caper or that joke just passed you by.

OK, but seriously, while you’re bored Wednesday night, maybe you should watch the Country Music Awards. Why would you want to do that? To spot my little brother! Thomas and his girlfriend, True, are going to be sitting “near the stage” according to my mom, so maybe they will get on camera.

And then what?

Well, then you can squeal and point to the screen and jump up and down and say, “Look! Look! It’s the little brother of that girl whose blog I read!!!!!!”

I do that to my husband a lot. We’ll be talking about our day, and I’ll say, “Oh! You know the girl from Texas who has that problem with the daddy longlegs and whose husband works for Vision Forum and they have lots of daughters but only one son? Well guess what? They are having a baby!”

And Josh looks thoughtful and gently asks, “Um, are we talking about a blogger or someone I actually know?”

Yes, well.

At any rate, below is a picture of Thomas from last summer, holding Hannah when she was a wee babe. Hannah has changed a lot since then. Thomas? Not so much. He’s very tall. Let me know if you spot him, because Josh hates country music so we will most likely not be watching. (Sorry, Thomas!) Winners will receive “Virtual Accolades” which are like a more adult version of “virtual snaps” and a less mid-1990s version of “virtual props.” Good luck!

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