The Week In Books, No. 41

Before I get going, let me just say that the challenge for me in reading A Thousand Splendid Suns
by Khaled Hosseini was that one of the main characters is named “Laila.” Every time I started reading about her, I really had to focus on getting the eponymous (but differently spelled) song “Layla” by Eric Clapton out of my head. Out! Out!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my mind, I can announce how much I enjoyed this book. It’s been several years since I read The Kite Runner
but I think I like “A Thousand Splendid Suns” even better. Hosseini did an excellent job provoking me to truly examine polygamy and oppression – not just in theory, but by considering what those things look like and feel like in real life. The beauty of well-crafted fiction is that it allows the reader to engage deeply with concepts and ideas, even if those things are far from our own real-world experiences. This was our book club selection for October, and I’m looking forward to discussing it with friends Thursday night!

Don’t Make Me Count to Three: a Mom’s Look at Heart-Oriented Discipline
may be the best book I’ve read on parenting so far, because of Plowman’s focus on practical application. I’ve read (and own) many solid, Biblical books on parenting that have helped me to focus my thinking on the foundational issues of raising Godly kids, but I’ve often finished the book and wondered how in the world to apply those principles in the minute-to-minute aspects of parenting. Plowman answered many of those questions for me. I’ve started implementing some of her suggestions already with good results. Some things I’m working on are using the Bible’s words to identify the problem (for example, asking “Are you being KIND to Jack?” not “Are you being nice?”) so that I can reinforce the concept with Scripture (I’m working on Eph. 4:32 with Hannah, “Be kind to one another.”), being consistent, and checking my own attitude before attempting instruction (that is, am I disciplining/instructing because I’M being inconvenienced, or because God is grieved by the child’s sin?).

There are too many great things about this book to write about here, I’d highly recommend it. Actually, before returning it to the library, I plan to read it through again, and take notes.

Also Completed:
Psalms, Matthew

Currently Reading:
Psalms, Ezekiel, Mark, Romans
“Jane Eyre” (out loud to Hannah and sometimes Jack when he’s available)
“A Chance to Die” by Elisabeth Elliot
“Innocent Traitor” by Alison Weir

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