Sephora Is A Wonderland (And Other Thoughts On Makeup)

In the past two weeks, my CVS haul has included makeup from CoverGirl and Revlon. It’s been fun to try out some new things. I love makeup, it’s fun to play with.

Back in the day, I used to be an expensive makeup junkie. Sephora was one of my favorite playgrounds. 🙂 I still have fun going there and trying new things out – I dragged Josh to the one at the Fashion Mall before our last Couples Night and he gamely watched me play with everything. What a great husband he is. 🙂

Anyway, I used to love Chanel eyeshadow and powder and would buy other types of makeup just because of the pretty packaging. I’m a marketer’s dream, really. After a while though, I started asking myself if the product was really that great, or if I was being a brand snob for no good reason. I concluded that although Chanel products are a little better than drugstore brands, they are probably not $70 worth of better. That is probably a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) for you if you read the “splurge vs. steal” type articles in Marie Claire or related magazines, which I also used to do a lot.

I also used to use a lot of Lancome products. I still have some things leftover, but really the only Lancome item that I think is worth the money is their Effacernes concealer. It’s the bomb. At about $25, it’s a pretty good value, considering that one tube of it lasts me nearly a year of daily use! It’s the best concealer I’ve ever found for covering under-eye circles, which I am plagued by and which no amount of sleep will fix. I got some Revlon concealer to try this week, and it’s not as good, but will work for days I don’t plan on going out! The Lancome concealer is an even better deal if you buy it through My Points (contact me if you’re not a member and want to be) – if you buy two concealers, you get free shipping, plus a ton of free gifts, plus 2,500 points, and at My Points you can redeem 2,500 points for about $15-$20 worth of gift cards to other places like Barnes and Noble, Target, etc. So that’s a worthwhile discount too.

Perfume is not really makeup, but while I’m on the subject of luxury items, I’ll throw in my two cents on scents. I think designer perfume is worth the money. I’ve blogged on perfume before, so you know that my top three personal favorites are Chanel No. 19, Hermes Caleche, and Yves St. Laurent Paris. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, but I’ve found that cheap perfumes smell awful on me. I’d personally rather go without perfume than resort to the cheap stuff.

Makeup is a matter of personal taste, and different things look good on, or work for, different skin types and coloring and so forth. These are just my personal opinions. If you made it all the way through this vapid and meandering post, bravo!

Anybody else care to divulge their thoughts on makeup?

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