Plant Psychiatry

A few days ago, Hannah was admiring one of my houseplants and she pulled one of its leaves off. She didn’t intend to do it, and I hadn’t ever told her not to mess with the plant, so we talked about it and I figured there was no harm done.

I was wrong.

Almost immediately after losing its leaf, the plant began to droop. It wasn’t low on water, so I put it outside in the sun to see if it would perk up. It didn’t. Instead, more leaves began falling off.

Now the plant looks really pathetic, droopy, and half-dead. I wish I could show you a picture, but for some reason the USB port on our computer is not responding right now. I guess I should put the plant on the couch and ask it to tell me all of its problems. Perhaps my plant has some sort of repressed childhood memory about getting its leaves pulled off. Or maybe it’s been having nightmares about Hannah.

Plant psychiatry is a very mysterious art.

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