I know I am not the only fan of “The Office” around, so I thought I would post my thoughts on this season so far:

1) I am almost sick of Jim and Pam being together now. I know we all wanted it to happen, and aww, they are so cute together, but I kind of miss the tension of them not knowing how they felt about each other. Am I alone on this? I’m kind of bored of their treacly romance and it’s only been three episodes.

2) I used to hate Andy, but he is so stinking funny! The more I think about the a capella rendition of “Take a Chance On Me” with his dorky buddies on speaker phone, the more hilarious it really is. And you know Angela loved it, even if he won’t call her “Monkey” like some people did…

3) Moments like the beginning of this week’s episode when the whole office is sitting there hoping the little doo-hickey on the screen saver will hit the corner of the screen are SO RIGHT ON!

The show is brilliant. You can watch previous episodes on if you need to catch up.

PS – Did you see that this is the last season for Scrubs????? What? Hopefully the silver lining will be Zach Braff having more time to be in movies now, as long as they are good movies like Garden State
and not awful movies like The Last Kiss.

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