Feel The Love

I am feeling the CVS love, y’all.

Thanks to the tutorials on Money Saving Mom, I am now a CVS convert. Since I started the couponing/Extra Care Bucks thing a few weeks ago, I have spent $21.71 out of pocket (that was my seed money to get started, plus a few cents on subsequent transactions) and have taken home approximately $75 worth of products. Better yet, I won’t have to spend more than a few cents or so per transaction from here on out either, just keep rolling my Extra Care Bucks over and over again, and using coupons.

Today I got two lipsticks, two eyeliners, an eye shadow, and two toothpastes. I used manufacturer’s coupons, a CVS coupon, and then tried to pay using my ECBs. Finally the total was down to 17 cents and the computer wouldn’t let the checkout lady enter any more coupons. I only had 8 cents cash on me, so I told her I would have to put the 17 cents on my credit card. The checkout lady firmly said, “Let’s not make this any harder, I’m going to loan you a dime.” And she did. I am going to pay her back next week. I was very apologetic, and said they probably cringe when they see me coming, but she just smiled and said actually she thought it was pretty inspiring to get $25 worth of stuff for 17 cents.

The question that comes up is, “But do you USE the free stuff you get from CVS and Walgreens?” Everyone has their own way of doing things, but my policy generally is that I only get things we’ll actually use. We do currently have I think 13 tubes of toothpaste in our linen closet, but I figure it probably doesn’t expire, and if they ever stop running these deals, we’ll use the toothpaste, you know? And I use the overage I make from coupons to buy other things like batteries, basic groceries, etc without having to spend any money out of pocket.

Plus it’s kind of a rush. 🙂

If you’re interested in getting free stuff from CVS or Walgreens, be sure to check out the excellent posts on Money Saving Mom!

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