Bring It!

Around here, when you invite people over they always ask what they can bring. It’s a nice custom, and very helpful for a hostess. Generally the proper response is to say “Oh just bring yourselves” or to ask for something small, like a salad or side dish or bread.

But sometimes when someone asks me what she can bring, I am seized by a fiendish desire to ask for something bizarre just to see what her reaction will be.

Me: Hey, I’d like to invite y’all over.

Friend: Thanks! What can we bring?

Me: Could you bring a suckling pig with an apple in it’s mouth and a port wine reduction sauce, perchance?

See how hilarious this game is?

I haven’t tried this in real life, because knowing my friends, they actually WOULD procure a suckling pig, roast it, plate it with an impressive presentation, and bring it to my house. Then I would feel sheepish. Or piggish, as the case may be.

Instead, I just sit around and chuckle to myself over how funny it would be until Josh gets curious and asks me what’s so funny. Then I can tell him how I’m picturing a church potluck where families with last names beginning with A-L bring a whole swordfish with the head still on, and M-Z bring truffle risotto and apricot lavender flambe. Then Josh laughs politely while wondering how he managed to get married to such a weird person.

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