At the Fantasy Football draft party the other week I won a door prize that included the little football you see in the picture at left. Jack already likes football, as you can see. Hannah does too, and she’s pretty good at throwing it. She has also tried to “nurse” the football, which was interesting.

As you may recall, last year in a desperate effort to understand my husband’s obsession with sports, I played Fantasy Football too. The wives and girlfriends of the guys in one of Josh’s leagues got together and had a Chick League. This year we’re doing it again.

Last year my team, the PugnaciousDoomChicknz, did really well. This year my team, the TinyLizrdDoomWaryers, is trailing the league by like a jillion points. It’s very sad and pathetic. So clearly we must conclude that last year was beginner’s luck, not even remotely attributable to how I started reading ESPN magazine (parts of it are really funny!)

Still, Josh appreciates it that I take the time to appear at least moderately informed about one of his interests, and it’s fun to understand more of what’s going on in sports.

Don’t give up on the TinyLizrdDoomWaryers, we have our rally helmets on!

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