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I have been dreading how much time and patience it’s going to take to potty train Hannah, but I’m also afraid of missing some critical window of opportunity, so we began today.

Technically I guess we began in January, when we got Hannah a potty for her birthday (we also got her toys, for the record). We would sit her on it when we changed her diaper, and she quickly figured out what it was for.

I fully intended to move her to training pants around April, but I was so exhausted from running after a toddler while hugely pregnant that I put it off.

Then I meant to do it this summer when she started telling me that she had to go or that she needed her diaper changed. But I was busy with a newborn and travel and various other things.

Recently Kim F. told me that the thing that worked for them was going directly to underwear, because the cloth training pants feel a lot like a cloth diaper to cloth diapered babies, and so they “get it” better with regular underwear. So finally yesterday I went to Target and got a 10 pack of the smallest size of regular underwear I could find, which is not very small, and they are huge and saggy on Hannah, which is funny, but hey, they work.

This morning Hannah went into raptures over her new “pwetty PWETTY big girl pants!!!!!!” and was SO excited to wear them. In the first two hours of the experiment, she had four accidents. I said fine, we’ll just try it until we run out of underwear and then stop for the day. I figured we’d be done before lunch. But then Hannah seemed to get it, and we only had two other accidents the rest of the day.

I’m pretty psyched about that, even though she only made it to the bathroom half the time, because I expected much worse. Also only two of the accidents involved any cleanup, the others were just a matter of not quite making it to the toilet in time.

The challenge is that Hannah refuses to sit on the toilet every 15 minutes or ANY time if she has not decided she needs to go. So I have to ask her frequently if she has to go, and then hope she tells me when the time comes.

I’m really interested to see how this process progresses. I wonder if we’ll see any progress this week, or if it’s going to take a long time?

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