Progress Report

Day 2 (yesterday): two minor accidents, no cleanup required

Day 3 (today): only one accident and it was my fault. Hannah was almost done eating her dinner when she announced she had to go, and by the time I wrangled her high chair tray off, found a spot to put it down, got her dinner-encrusted bib off, and got her to the bathroom, she had already started going. Drat.

But I think one accident on the third day is pretty good progress. It seems every family has their own potty training methods, and even then training tends to be different for different kids, but I’m glad we tackled the potty thing early, before starting the actual training. Hannah already knew how to go to the bathroom and isn’t afraid of it, so all we’re working on is advance communication. I think I’ll try that for Jack too, when the time comes.

I’ve also noticed that it seems like potty training during a time that’s good for the family is as important as the child being ready. I’m glad I didn’t attempt this when I was tired and stressed from a new baby or from being way pregnant etc. It’s easier since I’m rested and there isn’t any upheaval happening at the moment. I’ll try to remember that for next time too.

Question for veteran potty trainers: Do you have to wait until the kid is sleeping in a regular bed to start training them at nap/bed time? I’m just wondering how that would work if the child is not able to get out of bed by herself?

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