New Dolly Gets Named

I rotated some of the toys this week, and decided to let Hannah play with a doll I brought back from an exchange trip I did to Russia when I was in 9th grade. Hannah immediately took to the doll. We thought the doll should have a name, so I thought of all the Russian names I remembered from my four semesters of college Russian, and asked Hannah what she thought. I didn’t think she’d catch on that we were naming the doll, I figured I’d have to name it and just tell her how it was. I guess I momentarily forgot how opinionated Hannah can be!

Me: Is the doll named Natalya?
Hannah: NOOOOOO!

Me: Is the doll named Katya?
Hannah: NOOOOOO!

Me: Is the doll named Sveta?
Hannah: NOOOOOO!

Me: Is the doll named Olya?
Hannah: NOOOOOO!

Me: Is the doll named Zhenya?
Hannah: Yay! Zhenya! Zhenya! My Zhenya!

From that point on, the doll has been called Zhenya without fail. So I guess Hannah named her after all. At least it’s culturally appropriate.

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