If Only I Could Bottle It…

If only I could bottle some of my children’s energy! I could sell it on eBay and make a fortune, but honestly I would probably take all of it myself so that I could keep up!

This morning, when the kids woke up, I realized to my chagrin that I had forgotten bring the clean diapers upstairs last night, so I had no diaper covers upstairs. I made a run for it and grabbed the first cover I saw, which happened to be my least favorite one, oh well. I made it back upstairs to see Hannah dancing around in her diaper, pulling all of her toys out of her toy basket and flinging them about like rice at a wedding. We sang the clean up song (Hannah’s version: “Kyean UP, Kyean UP, ebby-bubby, ebby-WAHR!”), quickly put on her diaper cover and skirt, and made our way downstairs for breakfast.

While Hannah ate her banana and half a waffle (or, “faffle” as she calls it), I started to unload the dishwasher. Curiously, the dishes were all still dirty. The dishwasher had helpfully baked on all the debris so they were REALLY hard to clean, as I had to hand wash the lot of them. I tried to keep my muttering to a minimum, but really, what is the point of a labor-saving device if it makes your life HARDER????

While I did my Bible reading, Hannah went into the living room to “play quietly by herself.” Of course, that is code for “get into mischief.” As I finished up, Hannah toddled into the dining room holding a Kleenex (and yes, I do call them “Kleenex” even though they are not “Kleenex-brand facial tissues.”).

“Uh-oh Mama!” she announced cheerfully, “Uh-oh-SPOTTY-OH!”

As you are no doubt aware, uh-oh can mean many things, but uh-oh-SPAGHETTI-OH means business. I ran into the living room to investigate.

I saw to my horror that Hannah had actually found a new box of like 1600 Kleenex, and had removed each and every one from the box, strewing them around the living room.

“Kyean UP kyean UP ebby-buddy, ebby-WAHR!”

I stuffed all the Kleenex back into the box, which took about forever.

At that point, it was 9am. But I got a cup of coffee, and now things are looking better. Coffee isn’t quite bottled kid energy, but it comes close.

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