Hooray For Encouragement

Whenever Hannah feels like the excitement level in the house has dipped to a dangerously low ebb, she flings up her hands and shouts, “HOOO-WAYY!” or “AH-SIM!”

Today, I will blog “hooray” and “awesome” because we were dancing the happy dance around here after an amazing and encouraging breakthrough at church this week.

This Sunday I was ready to give up on our long attempts to train Hannah to sit with us in church. I know a lot of families who accomplish this feat, I have read books about it, I have read blog posts about it, and I’m convinced that it’s important for families to worship together, but I was tired and it just seemed like Hannah was never going to get there.

This Sunday started like any other, with both kids squirming and Josh and I taking turns walking with them in the back. Most Sundays I wind up taking Hannah to the Nursing Mother’s Room so we can hear the sermon but she can make noise and move around. This Sunday, however, as Jack had fallen asleep in my lap, I wearily told Josh just to take Hannah to the nursery. He took her up there, and she started crying and begged to be taken back. Josh didn’t want to leave her up there since she obviously didn’t want to be there, so he brought her back to the sanctuary, and lo and behold, she sat pretty still and quiet throughout the entire sermon with us! I held my Bible and notebook on Jack’s tummy (he makes a great lap desk!) and it was so refreshing and encouraging to be able to sit together and hear the preaching.

I know it’s probably going to be one step forward, one step back, and we probably have a ways to go to get Hannah to sit attentively every week (and by that time we’ll be working with Jack, I’m sure!), but I really was encouraged by this Sunday. Hooray!

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