Fun With Josh and Catherine

One of the great things about us is that we can have fun with almost anything. For example, last week we stumbled upon a cooking show on PBS. It wasn’t a comedy cooking show, but we had a lot of fun with it.

For example, in the pasta recipe segment, viewers were exhorted to make the water “as salty as the sea.” Ah. I love a precise measurement. What does that look like exactly? Here I am, with my pot full of whatever, attempting to discern if it is, in point of fact, “as salty as the sea.” I add salt. “Hmm,” I say as I taste it, “this is about as salty as canned french onion soup, but NOT as salty as the sea.” I add more salt, and taste again. “OH SNAP!” I wail, “This dish is now SALTIER than the sea and it is ruined!!!!!”

Next, we were taught how to make brownies. The PBS lady told us that there were those who like cakey brownies, and then there was a “Fudgy Brownie Camp.” Josh and I looked at each other with eyebrows raised. Fudgy Brownie Camp!?!?!? Sign us up! Here we thought camp was all about canoeing and archery and sitting around the fire singing Kum-Ba-Ya, when all along there were other kids gorging themselves on fudgy brownies! What a way to spend July! Better yet, perhaps there would be a two-for-one deal: Buy a week at Fudgy Brownie Camp and get a week at Fat Camp free!

Finally, later in the brownie segment, the PBS lady sternly advised us to “carefully measure out 3/4 cup of flour, and then put it in the bowl, you do NOT want to put it on the counter.” I was so glad she elaborated on that point with such emphasis, because there are a lot of recipes out there that want you to measure flour and then just sort of fling it around the kitchen. A recipe that calls for putting the ingredients into the bowl is unusual, and it would have been easy to make a mistake.

And so a jolly half-hour was passed, cracking jokes at the well-meaning PBS cooking ladies. Good times, good stuff.

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