The Week In Books, No. 34

First off, let me just say that our house is not on the market, nor do we have any immediate plans to sell it. I got a tip on the “Dress Your House for Success” book from Amy K., and once I started looking at the library request list, I decided to get a couple of other home sale type books too, so I could get really up to speed on the topic. I figure this information will come in handy whenever we DO decide to sell our house. I took 18 pages of notes, so I won’t forget stuff.

Amy was right, Dress Your House for Success
was really helpful. It focuses mostly on preparing your home before you even sell it, with detailed suggestions and tips on how you can start to view your home as a buyer would, which lets you see all the little details you have been overlooking. The premise is that if you get your house up to really fabulous condition, you’ll sell it faster and for more money in any market. Sounds good to me. I liked the way the author said to create good first impressions for every room, and I appreciated how the tasks were laid out in an easy order: uncluttering, cleaning, repair, neutralizing, and dynamizing. If you ever think of selling your house, and only have time to read one book, read this one.

Next I read 50 Simple Steps You Can Take to Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money in Any Market
. Some of the simple steps were ridiculously simple, but there were a few good tips, particularly about keeping your home secure while it’s on the market. The book went into topics beyond getting the house ready, such as what to expect from your agent, what parts of a listing agreement are negotiable, and what to do at closing. I learned a lot from those portions.

I also read a book (well, I skimmed it actually, because it was useless) called How to Sell Your House in Tough Times
. I thought it was going to be about how to sell a house in a down market like Indiana, but really it was a dated book about selling by owner, and the only thing I wrote down in my notes from the book was to sand and paint the windowsills if rain ever came in through open windows. We have one windowsill like that. Duly noted.

Finally, I read How to Sell Your Home Fast, for the Highest Price in Any Market
. Again, some of the home preparation tips were high in the “duh” factor (for example, you’ll want to take down your mirrored ceilings and your black wallpaper and your jars of spiders and so forth), but there was plenty of good information about the whole process of selling a home. I took some good notes.

Also Completed:
Luke, Ecclesiastes

Currently Reading:
Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Songs, John, Revelation
“Mindless Eating” by Brian Wansink

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