I think I’ve mentioned before that I moved around a lot as a kid. And actually, I’ve moved around a lot as an adult too, at least from address to address. I have to say, I really enjoy moving. Yes, it’s a headache, things break and get lost, you have to find boxes and get people to help you lift your heavy stuff and hope they don’t gouge your antiques, and you’ll probably lock the keys in the U-Haul (luckily your friend Laura B. has Triple A to save the day).

But I like change because it’s fun to start over. There’s always the promise of something exciting just around the corner. You might be cooler, you might lose 30 pounds, you might find a $20 bill in a parking lot.

Since we’ve now lived in our current house for nearly 3 years (a lifetime record for me!!!), I have been changing things up with recurrent bouts of reorganization and moving furniture around. It’s amazing what new vistas have opened up since we converted the guest room into the office. Seriously.

Today’s Washington Post has an article on people who reinvent their lives. The quote below sums it up:

“People start over. It feels right. It feels exhilarating and stupid and like the beginning of something great, moving from one place to another, geographically and psychologically.”

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