Pillowcase Bandits

This week Josh had a job interview in Purcellville VA, and they said he could bring the family, so we dropped Hannah off to spend the night with my parents and drove west to stay in Leesburg VA. All the hotels in Leesburg and its environs were booked except for the Holiday Inn. So fine, we got a reservation there.

First weirdness: the hotel is under renovation, so our room was actually a conference room. Seriously, one half of the room was tables and chairs and a podium, the other half featured a king sized bed. I have attended a veritable plethora of conferences, but never one with a bed in the room. One wonders.

Second weirdness: the room was number 201, but the phone was marked for room 224, and when people dialed in to room 201, the phone in our room didn’t ring, but the voicemail light on the phone in the conference room half of our room lit up. So that was amusing. By the way, Room 224 occupant, if you are reading this, someone named Regina called four times for you.

Third weirdness: When we came back to the room the second day, the bed had been made up, and my pillow from home was sitting on top of the made up bed. But they had taken my monogrammed pillowcase. They didn’t replace the pillowcase, just left the bare pillow sitting there. This leads me to believe that they KNEW it was not a hotel pillowcase, just in case the fact that it was a different color and monogrammed didn’t tip them off. We left our address with the head of housekeeping in case they find it. I’m pretty sure she didn’t speak English, and I’m told that hotel maids often steal pillowcases, so I’m not holding my breath hoping to see my pillowcase again. Why would they do that? Maybe the maid’s initials are the same as mine. Lesson learned: hide your pillow from the bandits!

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