Pictures Of Our Progeny

Jack has been drooling a ton and gumming his hands and overall making us wonder if he’s already teething. Would that be unheard of in a child not yet three months old? Anyway, here he is with the little worm toy Fran got for him. He likes it and can reach up and spin the wheels. Unfortunately for Jack, Hannah likes it too, and she’s pretty quick on the draw.
Here is a cute smile from Jack. He’s probably pleased with how much drool he just got on his Grandad (my dad).
Again, Jack with my dad. I like to call Jack “Buddy.” He just looks like a Buddy. Now Hannah has picked it up, and she’ll come up to Jack and say, “Hi Jack! Hi Buddy! Hi BUUUUUUDDDDD!” It reminds me of the way Rudy Huxtable said “Bud” on the Cosby Show. Remember that?
Here is Dad goofing off with the kids.
My parents got Hannah a singing vacuum cleaner toy. Hannah adores it. Josh and I got totally ill from hearing it’s little songs, so the toy stays with Gigi and Grandad. However, we do appreciate the fact that Hannah is being encouraged in the vacuum cleaning arts. Next thing you know, she’ll be begging for her very own Dyson.
Hannah had fun splashing in the little pool in the backyard, when she wasn’t being devoured by mosquitoes. Fortunately Mom had some kiddie bug spray around, and so far Hannah hasn’t shown any signs of Malaria or Dengue Fever. I’ll keep you posted on that.

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