A Little Projecting

We went to meet Clara the other day – she’s so tiny and cute! Hannah got to play with Meredith a little bit, and we got to visit with Kevin and Amy, which was fun.

I didn’t know if Clara was a spitter or not, but it’s always nice to have some burp cloths on hand even if your baby does not spit up all day long. My mom came up with this cute pattern for burp cloths when Hannah was born, based on some she saw at Nordstrom. Basically, you take a Gerber type prefold cloth diaper (I wouldn’t personally use those for actual diapers because they are kind of thin, but they make great burp cloths), fold the edges in, sew a strip of flannel down the center, and edge the flannel in ribbon. I really like the colors on these, and how they coordinate. If we ever have another baby girl, I’ll have to make some for us!
This is what the burp cloths look like unfolded. That’s Hannah’s hand, she was trying to get in the picture and yelling, “CHEESE!!!!!” as she does now whenever the camera appears. I thought about trying to get a hand-free picture of the burp cloth, but decided Hannah’s hand adds human interest. 🙂

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