Let’s Play the Glad Game

Sometimes you’ve just got to go a little Pollyanna on everybody, to save your sanity.

Josh stayed home with a migraine this morning so I took both kids to church by myself. I think the less said about that the better, since the only thing keeping me from joining in with the kids’ hysterical sob session in the Nursing Mother’s Room was the fact that my mascara is not waterproof. Pride and vanity to the bitter end, I suppose.

Good thing our sermons are available as podcasts.

Anyway, now let’s play the Glad Game by looking at happy pictures.
Remember this picture? This was Hannah at 3 months old when we got her the Bumbo seat. The outfit she was wearing was size Newborn, which, for the uninitiated, is even smaller than size 0-3 months.
And here we have Jack in the same Bumbo. He’ll be 3 months old this coming Thursday. He’s about to outgrow his 3-6 month size clothes. I am still not getting over my fascination with how different these two kids are! Anyway, Hannah likes to “read” stories to Jack. The one she is reading above is about a little boy who befriends a bear. In Hannah’s version, there is a lot of chatter, mixed with identifiable words and phrases such as, “Ooooh! Lookit da BIG BAHR! Oh no! Leetle baby bahr! Whaaaahr da baby? Dey he iz! Got two eyes – one TWO!” (Translation: “Oh! Look at the big bear! Oh no! Little baby bear! Where’s the baby? There he is! He’s got two eyes, one, two!”)

I’ve been trying to get some good sibling shots. It’s so difficult to get them to both look at the camera and smile and not wiggle at the same time! Ack! Here are two tries: in the first, Jack was laughing, but sideways, and in the second, Hannah was thumping him vigorously on the belly shouting, “Dis mah brubber! Dis mah Jack” (Translation: “This is my brother! This is my Jack!”)

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