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The other book I just finished, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
, which I will be reviewing next week, really inspired me to make more of an effort to eat local organic foods in season. I dropped the ball on that this summer with the new baby, travel, and general busyness, but I want to get back on track. One of my mental blocks is cost. However, one great thing about eating locally-grown foods in season is that you can often score good deals. This week I spent UNDER $20 on our food! Granted, I stock up on things when they are on good sales, so I don’t have to buy every little thing every week. And I do plan to go to Meijer tomorrow to get toilet paper since it’s on crazy wild sale and I have coupons. But even then, I should come in well under $25. I get an awesome rush from feeding my family well while saving money.

First, I went to the Geist Farmer’s Market. I had nice conversations with the Amish and regular farmers there, which is one thing I really enjoy about farmer’s markets. I like knowing where my food comes from and what has happened to it along the way. I like putting our food dollars directly in the hands of the farmers who grew the food, rather than in the pockets of the agribusiness food conglomerates who get too many farm subsidies with my tax money anyway.

Exit soapbox, re-enter farmer’s market description.

So yeah, at the farmer’s market I got two GORGEOUS heirloom variety eggplants. I like heirloom vegetables because they taste better and are better for you. One of my eggplants is a brilliant vivid purple (“Rosa Bianca” – that is a picture of some from a seed catalog site to the left), and the other is white. I also got a big squash that I don’t know what to do with, but it looked cool. I bought one honking huge green pepper, three Indiana apples that were described as “tart,” a watermelon that is yellow inside instead of red, a pound of grass fed free range organic ground beef, and a pound of raw milk cheddar cheese.

Total spent at the farmer’s market: $14.50

Today I went to the Apple Family Farm where we have our cowshare. I picked up our gallon (prepaid, we pay at the beginning of the month), a dozen lovely brown and blue eggs, and a bag of really cool little purple and yellow tomatoes.

Total spent at farm: $4.50

I’m planning a variety of meals around the stuff I bought, and using some things out of the freezer and pantry that I already had on hand. I’m pretty excited about it!

Someday I hope my children will praise me in the nutritional gates. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist, I read Proverbs 31 today!)

Note: I am taking Crystal’s idea for posting what I got for groceries this week, because it was a good idea! If you are interested in other Frugal Friday tips, check out Biblical Womanhood!

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