At Long Last, A Culinary Success!

I won’t bore you with the graphic details of the meatloaf-ish thing I had to throw away last week even though I actually followed the recipe exactly for once (thanks for nothing, Martha Stewart Living!).

Instead, I’ll give you a link to a recipe I tried last night that turned out great! I found out that ground turkey is only 77 cents a pound at Aldi (wow!), so I’ve been looking for interesting things to do with it. My latest issue of Cooking Light had an article on burgers, so I tried the Southwestern Turkey Cheddar Burger recipe.

One problem: I did not have any onions. The article said that ground poultry gets dry when grilled, so you have to add something like onions to keep it moist. “Hmmmm…” said I, “what is also moist like onions? Why, apples are!”

I don’t know if you have noticed, but this season’s Granny Smith apples have been totally gross – really mealy and often brown inside. I bought some from Costco last week thinking they might be better, since Costco produce is usually great in our area, but alas, the Costco apples were also icky. So I’ve been looking for ways to cook them.

The outcome of substituting a chopped up apple (I used my mini food processor) for the onion was FABULOUS. I’ll probably do it that way on purpose next time too. The burgers were flavorful, moist, and absolutely delicious.

I was also lacking hamburger buns, so I made some. I used the bagel recipe, but instead of poking a hole in the dough balls and boiling them etc, I just baked them after the second rise. They turned out REALLY good, and make good sandwich rolls too.

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