Oh Waiter, There’s A Foot In My Salad…

While hunting a vidalia onion salad dressing that Josh particularly fancies, I purchased a bottle of Marzetti Sweet and Sour Salad Dressing. It sort of looked like the elusive vidalia onion dressing, in that both are a pale creamy yellow color with little flecks of brown. The similarities end there.

Upon tasting the Marzetti dressing, Josh and I both remarked that it has a distinctive flavor. “A flavor of what?” one might ask.

Well, dear readers, the closest approximation I can give you is that Marzetti Sweet and Sour Salad Dressing tastes like a creamy combination of celery and feet.

One can only imagine how this product made it through the focus groups.

We concluded that there must in fact be people out there who like this dressing. These people, bless their hearts, stand about the kitchen thoughtfully crunching a bit of romaine or a sliver of radish, and think to themselves, “What this salad really needs is the flavor of celery and feet.”

If you or anyone you know has the type of palate that yearns for feet and celery, then by all means please contact me so that I can expunge the bottle of dressing from my collection.

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