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Since Jack has been getting a lot of attention lately, I thought I would memorialize some things about Hannah:

Hannah is all girl. She loves to try on my shoes, and has grown surprisingly adept at walking in high heels. She loves pink things, and spends a large part of her day asking to have her pink hairclip put in, and then taking it out so it can be put in again. She says, “Mama! Hairclip on? Pretty Hannah!” and it is hard to resist.

Hannah also likes to term things “cute.” Jack is cute, her doll is cute, etc. The other day when I was showing her cards with the lowercase alphabet printed on them, I said, “Hannah, this is little ‘a’.” and Hannah said, “Little A! Awww, cute!”

Recently Hannah started singing a lot more, and now with intelligible words. She likes to sing with me, and will ask for her favorite songs. Most often she asks for “Holly” (which means, the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy”), “Ahr Lard” (which means Psalm 8B that starts “Lord Our Lord”), “Jesus Ah Meee” (“Jesus Loves Me”) and “Ah-Bee-See” (the alphabet song). She’s pretty good at carrying a tune.

Potty training is coming along. Hannah is pretty consistent about shouting “Toilet! Diaper!” when she has to go, but when she says that, she means NOW. So sometimes we don’t make it to the toilet in time, and hence she’s still in diapers. She adores sitting on the big toilet, using toilet paper, and flushing. Sometimes I think she says she has to go just to get to flush!

Today Hannah said a Bible verse for the first time! Well, part of one anyway. When we discipline her, we remind her that God’s Word says “Children obey your parents.” Today was the first time she repeated it after me. Although in her funny little accent it came out, “Cha-jee, OBEY yo pa-mops!”

She’s also learning the first three questions of the children’s catechism, which I need to get on video so we can remember how funny it is. It goes a little something like this:

Me: Hannah, who made you?
Hannah: GOD!

Me: What else did God make?
Hannah: ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL tings! (sweeping her arms out as if to encompass everything)

Me: Why did God make you and all things?
Hannah: Phone gla-lee! (That is supposed to be “For His own glory” – we’re still working on that part!)

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