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OK, I’m going to break the rules of blogging by posting, like, a jillion pictures in one post. While on this two week jaunt, I took 441 pictures, and yet did not manage to get any of my Dad, my aunts, my grandfather, or my brother’s girlfriend. It wasn’t on purpose. I also brought the video camera but forgot to take it out and use it. All this to say, just think of how long this post COULD have been, had I been more on the ball!

Hannah LOVES swimming, which she calls, “mimmeen.” Here she is playing in the kiddie pool in my parents’ backyard in Virginia. While on the trip, she got good at kicking, and even better at shouting “KICK KICK KICK!”
We got to have a nice visit with my friend Laura B. Her son is also named Jack. Her Jack is the one on the right, in case you couldn’t tell. He’s 7 months old and he pulled up for the first time while they were visiting us!
This is my mom with Jack and Hannah.
Hannah rejoices about spaghetti for Sunday dinner!
Jack really enjoyed the pool too. Actually, every time he got in, he promptly fell asleep. I broke the rules by slathering him with SPF 50 Baby sunblock, even though the bottle says not to use it on kids under 6 months old. Don’t tell the pediatrician, but I thought the risks of sunburn were substantially higher than the risk of whatever happens to 6 week olds when they wear sunscreen. So far, no ill effects have presented themselves, so I think I made the right call.
We visited the historic site of Jamestown, and had a very interesting tour of the excavation there. Mom and Hannah are standing in front of the church at the site. The original church built by the first settlers in the 1600s can still be seen inside (three other churches were built on top). FYI, the other folks in this picture were just passers-by, not anyone we know. Mom and Hannah are on the left.
And here Mom and Hannah walk out of the church.
We found out that the famous statue of Pocahontas looks nothing like Pocahontas would have looked in real life. The outfit adorning the statue is more appropriate for Western Plains Indians, so this is more like what Sacajawea would have looked like. Hannah was kind of freaked out by the statue, which I attribute to her disdain for its historical inaccuracy.
This is me with Hannah and Pocahontas/Sacajawea.
Next we went to the living history museum of Jamestown, which is in the wrong place but that’s a long story. Hannah checked out the Indian house, which I really want to call a wigwam, but who knows if that is the right term. While I’m at it, I’m pretty sure Indian is the wrong term too, I should probably be saying “Native American” but that takes so durn long to type and y’all know what I mean when I say Indian. No disrespect intended.
Hannah was pretty talented at tanning a hide with a shell. Seriously, she made some progress. If you ever find yourself with a deer hide and you think, “Self, how shall I tan this deer hide? Whom shall I call upon to turn it into hairless leather?” you should call my daughter. She’s that good.
I was especially interested in the replicas of the boats that brought the first settlers to Jamestown. The one Mom and Hannah are standing in front of was the size of a school bus. Yep, I said it, a SCHOOL BUS. It carried 12 people. Can you IMAGINE sailing accross the OCEAN in a SCHOOL BUS with TWELVE other people for FOUR MONTHS?!?!?!?!?!? I would have taken one look at this boat and said, “Na, that’s cool, y’all go ahead, and good luck with ALL that.” Apparently the new settlement had such a bad reputation back in England that when judges offered criminals the choice between hanging and being sent to Jamestown, the criminals chose hanging!
In another milestone, Hannah tried her first french fry on the trip.
After a while she ditched the french fries and moved on to eating the ketchup straight. So that was gross, but in a funny way.
At Colonial Williamsburg Hannah was fascinated by the horses. Whenever a horse-drawn carriage would pass by, she would yell, “Horse! Horse! Neigh!” She’s really into animals and their sounds. Here we are checking out a parked horse. The guy in the background is my dad. Sorry I didn’t get a better picture of you Dad!
Hannah was non-plussed by the actors in costume. Maybe next time we go she will like that part better. I was thinking that in a few years maybe I will get her the Felicity doll from the American Girl collection. I had Kirsten, so she can play with that doll too, but Felicity is from Williamsburg, and frankly, I want to play with her. That is also my motivation behind planning to get Hannah a My Little Pony for Christmas. Is that wrong?
Mom and Hannah posing in front of the Haberdashery
Hannah petting the horses
We ate lunch at The Trellis at Williamsburg. As you may know, The Trellis is famous for this dessert, called “Death by Chocolate.” Of course we had to try it. I was underwhelmed. I was not even remotely near death. I did not have the slightest hint of a death rattle as I ate. Granted, we did split the dessert four ways.
Hannah opted not to eat her regular lunch, but she did like the chocolate. Yes, she got spoiled like that. If she turns up with rickets later, you’ll know it’s because she went almost two weeks without eating her vegetables.
Jack was sitting propped up against some pillows when one fell on his head. He took it all in stride. Poor little guy got a heat rash on his neck from his many many chins! He grew a lot on the trip, but was very sweet. He is my buddy.
When we were visiting my grandparents in Montreat, we took Hannah wading in a creek. I remember going “rock hopping” in this very creek as a child. Hannah loved it and got thoroughly soaked.
See, when I said “soaked” I meant “soaked.” After wading, Mom and Hannah played on the playground.
This is a view of Lake Susan.
Hannah pensively contemplated Lake Susan. Then she found a swan and called it a duck. Then Mom jumped on a paddle boat that was only loosely tied up, and Hannah yelled, “GIGI! DANGER!” A good time was had by all.
Hannah outside my grandparents’ house
Hannah shares a laugh with her great grandmother
My grandparents have these beautiful carved wooden shoes from Holland that I remember trying on and traipsing around the house in when I was little. I remember being really sad the summer that they didn’t fit anymore. For old times’ sake, I had Hannah try them out.
We visited my brother Thomas, who is working at Camp Greystone this summer. We had a nice lunch at the Wrinkled Egg with Thomas and his girlfriend True. Hannah really took to them and called them “Bomas” and “Chew.” Above Thomas is holding Jack and looking like a natural.
This is Lake Edith at the edge of Camp. Back when I was a camper (not too long ago…) there was only the gazebo, not all the frills you see above. And we walked UPHILL BOTH WAYS to the tentalows! Ha ha.
Mom, Hannah, and Jack check out the canoe dock
Hannah and Thomas walking past the tennis courts toward Apple Hill
And here is a random picture of Jack kind of smiling. Our camera takes forever to snap a picture, so I always get the tail end of his smiles. He’s really responsive with his facial expressions though, and always has a big smile for us.

One final anecdote:

On the drive home from North Carolina, Jack was crying and Hannah first chucked her pacifier at him to see if that would get him to stop, then she turned to me and said, “Mama! Nurse! Nurse!” Smart girl, she knows what soothes this hungry boy!

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