The Week In Books, No. 24

I hadn’t read anything by Michael Chabon before (see pertinent Simpson’s reference here – CHABOOOOON!) but I’m now determined to read everything he’s ever written. “The Yiddish Policemen’s Union
” was simply a delight to read. The premise of the book is pretty far out, but Chabon succeeds in making it plausible, and his descriptions and turns of phrase are witty and pointed, which keeps the otherwise somewhat dark story from becoming too weighty or unrealistic. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would wholeheartedly recommend it, however, for the sake of full disclosure, I should mention that there is a sprinkling of profanity. Somewhat less than you might expect from dialog involving homicide detectives, but I thought I would mention it for those who try to avoid that type of thing.

These days most of my reading happens in snatches as I’m nursing Jack in the wee hours of the morning. Under those circumstances, it’s rather difficult to engage intellectually with a book, so I’m not sure how coherent I’ll be at book club tomorrow when we discuss The Space Between Us
. The book is set in modern day India and focuses on a middle class woman and her cleaning lady, and their families. Although the two women have been through so much together over the years, the restrictions of their society and their own prejudices create a gulf between them and allow the negative cycles of abuse and poverty to be perpetuated onto subsequent generations. It will be interesting to see what the book club thinks.

I wasn’t allowed to play with Barbies when I was little, and Hannah won’t be either, but nonetheless it’s tough to escape our culture’s obsession with being thin. I remember there used to be a Barbie (or maybe it was one of those knock-off Barbie brands) who was pregnant, and you could pop off her pregnant tummy, take out the baby, and pop on her flat six-pack tummy. Way to build those realistic expectations in America’s future moms, eh? 🙂

Since my pop on postpartum six-pack tummy was apparently sold separately, I have to work on losing the mummy tummy. I am grateful that so far I seem to bounce back pretty quickly, so I’m not complaining about that. Nor did I have any ridiculous notions of wearing bikinis this summer or anything. 🙂 The good thing about Lose Your Mummy Tummy
, in my view, is that it’s not an unrealistic plan to get your sexy body back in 12 easy steps, but rather it’s a series of targeted exercises that help to pull your stomach muscles back together, protect your back, and get your strength back. I find it immensely helpful and encouraging, and I’d recommend it heartily. (Note: I also have the companion book “Maternal Fitness” which is about how to get your muscles prepared to support pregnancy and childbirth, and I really wish I had kept up with the program while I was still pregnant, but I got lazy about it – maybe next time!)

Currently Reading:
2 Chronicles, Psalms, Mark, Hebrews
“Children of Hurin” by JRR Tolkein

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