Full Disclosure

Since I posted about laundry detergent a while back, I thought I should update you all for purposes of full disclosure, in case you tried it yourself.

For a while, the detergent worked fabulously. Then I started to notice that I had a soap ring in my washer that I had to keep scrubbing out (like a hard water mark). Next I noticed there was a little bit of a film on things – not that they were dirty, more like the soap didn’t quite rinse out.

Last week while trying to figure out a remedy for rust stains (note to self: do not leave small rusty garden urns in the front seat of the car where your unsuspecting husband might sit on them and leap up shouting, “WHAT THE???” and get a rust stain on his favorite khaki pants…) I happened upon a note saying that people with hard water should not use detergents containing soap because it will cause a film on your clothes that will get worse and worse, and will cause buildup in your washer.

NOW they tell me. Since the home-made detergent does contain soap, I decided to cease and desist. I got some regular detergent and will now be moving on with my life. Oh well, at least I saved some money for a while!

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