Busy Week

My mom was here this week from Tuesday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, and we had a great time. I posted a lot of pictures on the kids’ blog, if you’re interested!

One day, we took the kids over to the Monon trail, and walked from the 96th street trailhead to the new Carmel waterpark. We had a picnic and walked around a bit, but I think the waterpark is really geared for older kids.

We didn’t get all the projects I had intended to do accomplished, but that’s just the way it goes with littles sometimes. It was great to have Mom here to help, especially getting up with Hannah in the morning so I could get a little more sleep!!!

In other news, on Friday night, and again on Saturday night, Jack let me get some sleep! He managed to go 4 hours from the start of one feeding to the start of the next, so I got to sleep for almost 3 hour chunks! Woo hoo!

To the left are a few pictures of the kids. I still haven’t successfully captured Jack smiling on camera, but hopefully soon I can post that. He’s such a sweet boy! He’s growing fast, and I’m interested to see how big he is when we take him to the pediatrician July 2. Hannah is still doing well with Jack, and loves to “help” with him. Hannah’s real contribution is in helping build Jack’s character in the categories of patience and long-suffering. 🙂

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