News From the Gimp Parade

This week has been a little rough – Jack dropped last weekend and I think that kind of threw my hips and lower back all out of whack, making it really hard for me to walk and carry on my normal daily routine. Still, I have continued to take my daily walk in spite of my infirmities, because walking might help move things along toward labor. The difference now is, I walk like a total gimp. Usually I try to push the stroller around our neighborhood and the adjoining neighborhood twice, for a total of 5 miles, which takes about an hour and a half. This week, with my new slow and gimpy pace, I’ve only been able to go around one time, and it takes me almost two hours to go that two and a half miles!

The funny part though is the reactions I have encountered from neighbors along my route. Most of the time Hannah and I don’t see anyone on our walks, because everyone is at work. However:

1) Yesterday, a lady ran out of her house and breathlessly asked me, “Are you all right???? You look like you are in terrible pain!!!!!!!!” I assured her that I was just pregnant, and it was just getting hard for me to walk.

2) After that, the Hispanic guy down the street who is obsessed with his yard (he waters year round, and actually shovels snow off of his lawn in the winter so he can continue to water it! He also lies on his stomach to pick weeds out of the grass and mows several times a week, but y’all he has the nicest grass you’ve ever seen!) asked me, “When you gonna HAVE that baby????” I smiled sweetly and said, “I don’t know, but your grass is looking fabulous!”

3) Today, an elderly lady who was working in her yard ran across the street to ask, “Are you okay???? You look like you’re having a lot of difficulty – do you want me to do anything???” I told her she was so sweet to check on me, but I am just pregnant, thank you. She said, “Well I can see THAT.” Yes yes.

4) Next Hannah and I encountered another mom pushing a stroller, who said, “You look like you’re going to have that baby any SECOND!” When I said I hoped so, she said she would cross her fingers for me to have the baby today. Since “today” ends in one hour and 12 minutes, I guess I can conclude that crossing one’s fingers is not an effective means of getting labor going, but I appreciate the sentiment.

5) After that, we passed a family out inspecting their plants. The lady said, “My LAND! Girl, when are you DUE????? Sweet MERCY!!!!!!!” I pleasantly mentioned the due date and she shook her head and made “mmm mmm mmm!” noises like what was this world coming to.

6) Finally, as we rounded the corner to re-enter our cul-de-sac, the MAIL CARRIER actually got out of her car to inquire if I was doing ok, and did I really think I should still be out walking in my condition. I smiled and said thank you, yes, I’m fine, just pregnant, and I think walking is good for me.

Unrelated to neighborhood walks, twice this week in parking lots random strangers came up with sympathetic looks and said, “Oh, you poor thing.”

What’s a girl to make of all this? It’s sort of entertaining actually. I can only imagine how the reactions will be if Jack winds up being two weeks late.

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