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To make a long and complicated story really short, we finally got health insurance in spite of my being pregnant, basically by getting it through our new business. Since we’re paying out the NOSE for the monthly premiums, we couldn’t quite justify paying more out-of-pocket to have Jack at the Birth Center, so we switched back to the hospital and my OB. I’m fine with the switch: I like my OB and it’s saving money and plus Community North has a brand new maternity wing and it is AWESOME.

Today Josh and I went to take a tour of the new maternity suites. Y’all. It is so nice. It’s like a spa or a really nice hotel, nothing like a hospital. There are 60 labor/delivery/postpartum suites (same room for the whole stay, which I really liked with Hannah’s birth), some of which are specifically designed for natural labor. The suites are bigger than my apartment in McLean, just as a point of reference if you ever visited me there before Josh and I got married. As you can see in the picture to the left, they are very non-medical, with the equipment hidden. The main room has a flat screen TV and plenty of comfortable seating if you don’t feel like being in bed. The second room has a pull out couch, a kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator, another flat screen TV with DVD player, and a desk work station if you felt like working, or if your husband did. Every room has natural light and big windows that look out over a pretty courtyard garden. The rooms have wi-fi so I can blog while I’m there and post pictures of little Jack. 🙂 Also cool: instead of regular food service they have room service! You get a menu and just call anytime you want to eat, order your food, and they bring it to you. That’s part of the included cost for moms, but dads and guests have to pay extra.

Anyway, I think it’s going to be a nice place to deliver Jack. I will admit though, as I walked into the room on the tour, it sort of hit me:

“Oh SNAP, I have to deliver this baby!!!!!!!”

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