The Home Stretch?

Here I am this morning at 36 weeks pregnant. At my appointment a few days ago, Jack was already measuring 38 weeks, so if he arrives late like Hannah did, I’m figuring he’ll be around 18 pounds.

Last week I finished my extensive “To Do Before Jack Is Born” list so now I’m able to relax and take it a little easier for the rest of the pregnancy. The entire house has been cleaned and reorganized, clutter has been eliminated, things have been sorted and stored, the kids’ room has been revamped, and the hospital bag stands packed and ready. Y’all, I even have the baby car seat base installed in the back seat!

Apart from a blood clot scare on Monday (turns out they were just superficial clots, nothing life-threatening, and I learned a lot about how the deep vein system works, which was interesting), everything is going great. I feel fine, and I’m still walking and doing weights and aerobics etc to stay in shape.

Here’s hoping that Jack makes his debut sooner rather than later, but even if I go two weeks over the due date, that would still only be 6 weeks left! I’m impatient to meet him and get this show on the road, but I keep reminding myself that in the grand scheme of things, a few more weeks won’t matter…

As we go into the home stretch, I’d appreciate your prayers for a fast, easy (relatively) and uncomplicated labor and delivery. Thanks!

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