Happy Birthday Josh!

Today is my wonderful husband Josh’s birthday. In his honor, here are 29 great things about Josh:

  1. He is faithful in spiritual leadership of our family.
  2. He always listens to me respectfully, even when I am hatching a particularly hairbrained scheme.
  3. He is a great dad.
  4. He gives wise counsel and helps me to think clearly about problems and questions I have.
  5. He has a great singing voice.
  6. He plays the guitar really well.
  7. He knows a lot about music and sets up the stereo to play nice music during dinner.
  8. He thinks I’m funny, even though most people do not share that opinion. 🙂
  9. He can always make me laugh.
  10. He always has something interesting to say so we never run out of conversation.
  11. He tells me I look pretty even when I don’t agree, but I’m starting to believe he means it.
  12. He compliments me on my cooking, even when it’s not very good.
  13. He is very passionate about politics and policy.
  14. He has integrity, and is honest and loyal, but he’s also kind and authentic.
  15. He is never fake.
  16. If there is not much ice cream left, he still leaves some for me.
  17. He is taller than I am, even when I am wearing very tall heels.
  18. He likes to spend time with us.
  19. He doesn’t mind when I sing silly songs.
  20. He honors his parents, and my parents.
  21. He vacuums for me when I am tired, and carries the vacuum upstairs for me even when I’m not pregnant.
  22. He keeps his hair short and has kept his beard, just because I like it.
  23. He is cute. 🙂
  24. He does sweet things for me all the time, for no special reason.
  25. He loves me even when I’m not being lovable.
  26. He doesn’t complain when I want to watch “When Harry Met Sally” for the 18 millionth time.
  27. He feeds the dog, and bathes her on rare occasions.
  28. After he bathes the dog, he scrubs out the bathtub for me, and does a really great job.
  29. If he is the last one to get up, he makes the bed.

I love you honey!

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